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I have always been somewhat of a free spirit and perhaps even been a little crazy at times. I put this site together because I know that it would get you excited about the way tight & wet clothes make you and me look and feel.

I know you would be excited to see me in certain outfits and of course getting wet in many of them. Truth be told, I also thought that I could make some money for my fun pleasure of making videos and photos if I was able to look and dress the way my visitors wanted. I realize most of the visitors to my site are men and I truly hope you enjoy our fun together.

I can tell you I am over the age of 45 (yes, I look younger) but enjoy having a great time and sometimes really acting young. I do sometimes get a little drunk and have a good time.

How this all started?

A boyfriend had a tight jeans fetish and we were at a party and had perhaps too much to drink (surprise there), and I decided to get in the party hosts pool fully dressed at this party. It was late afternoon and the sun was still shining & temperature was about 75 degrees and I got hot. I happened to be wearing a very normal outfit of extremely tight skinny Levis jeans, high heels, and a somewhat snug orange blouse. When I walked into the water waste high in my tight jeans my boyfriend had a look on his face like “what the f    are you doing honey?” and I submerged myself to get my blouse wet and then I walked out of the pool and said “I was hot and wanted to cool off”.  Of course my jeans were glistening in the sun and pressed up against me and my blouse was see through. I was really turned on and I know my boyfriend seemed shocked. He told me that was the most amazing sight he had ever seen. While all the men around seemed to stare at me in amazement the women at the party seemed pretty pissed off. My boyfriend said he was so turned on that we could not stay at the party too long so after about 20 minutes in my wet clothes we went home. I learned about this community of people who enjoy my favorite outfits of tight jeans and heels and then like to get wet in them. So from that party on I would just get in the pool, ocean, or shower in my clothes either with a boyfriend, alone and video myself or have someone else video me. When I realized that I could make money by getting others excited to see me in my outfits and getting wet I thought I had to work on a website and making more videos.

I hope you enjoy seeing me in my tight jeans, dresses, and heels getting wet & messy in the videos and photos.

XOXO Sarah

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